The company Troconi Construction is the continuation of the years of experience of MEK SA companies, MEKMMAR M. Ltd, BEK S.A. The continuation of the many years of presence of the above companies in the field of industrial subcontracting, the company with the The new Roconi Construction Brand continues in the field of metal constructions, marble machinery, Pyrolytic Clichés, as one of the most reliable, quality and productive companies.
Using the most advanced technology and promoting innovations such as scribing and 4D modeling, the Iron Processing Center is able to meet any quality standards.



The establishment of MEKMARM Ltd. “DIMIKIONIUNIS”in 2008 was the result of the successful business path of CHRISTIAN DIMIKIONUNI and the group of companies MEK. SA with many years of presence in Greece and abroad.
The facilities and machinery of MEKMAPM Ltd.are based on the principle of its good operation with excellent results, tested in time for many years (more than 50), consistently in technical support and with respect to the customer.
MEKMARM Ltd aims with its dynamic multiannual presence, with its consistency and with the complete solutions it provides, to be considered as the company that can meet your requirements and we are confident how our product line can widely satisfy the different markets and your most demanding requests.
The human factor is one of the foundations of the success of MEKMMARM Ltd. as it has high educational level and specialization human resources, with sound scientific and technical training. Fundamental to the survival and development of the company is the satisfaction of its customers. To this end, it proceeded to ce certification and implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
The company’s main features:
  • The well organized and equipped production line.
  • The staffing of the Design, Production departments.
  • Sales and Supplies with qualified engineers.
  • Experienced and permanent installation crews.
  • The full technical support of customers before, during and after delivery of the machine.
  • The well-trained Quality Control Department.
Why you should choose MEKMMAR Ltd:
  • MEKMARM Ltd. is a member of mek group S.A.
  • MEKMMAR Ltd is now a modern and rapidly developed company with perfect mechanical equipment, with competent executives and infrastructure for certain and guaranteed results.
  • MEKMARM Ltd manufactures, imports and sells machines that can satisfy every need of its customers.
  • MEKMARM Ltd. makes machinery and facilities that are a combination of unique reliability, technology and warranty.
  • MEKMARM Ltd is near you and after the sale with First Class Technical Support.



Since 1981, BEK S.A. has been the development in the field of industry in the fields of study and construction:

  • Surface Protection & Dyeing Lines (electrostatic dyeing, liquid or powder)
  • Incineration furnaces (statuss, rotary, thermal coating removal).
  • Subichrome systems with vacuum method (imitation wood printing system).
  • Metal constructions (Metal cranes, special industrial installations).
  • Environmental protection devices (mechanical collectors, industrial filters, cleaning washers).

With continuous studies, development and application of new technologies, enrichment of know-how, reliability and quality of its constructions, it managed not only to consolidate its name but also to enrich its already extensive clientele, thus having the possibility of to meet the most specific requirements in the range of tasks in which it works and creates.

The multi-year and dynamic presence of BEK S.A. is not limited to the Greek border only since it has for years surpassed by exporting systems to countries such as Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Nigeria, Madagascar etc.

BEK S.A. aspires to satisfy even the most peculiar requirements both technologically and spatially by offering and manufacturing reliable and quality products environmentally friendly and customer-friendly.

Vek – INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS S.A. was founded in 1981 in the form of a Limited Liability Company (Ltd. and housed in a rented craft space 800m2,within a plot of 1500m2 at 40 km of Volos – Larissa street.

  • In 1983, as a consequence of its market recognition and the progressive evolution of its turnover, it bought a privately owned plot of 7.700m2 in the First Industrial Area of Volos, while at the same time it is integrated into development law 1262/82.
  • It raises a modern factory, with all the necessary specifications and the operation of its production structure and the safety of workers.
  • It procures rich mechanical and technological equipment, resulting in its most dynamic presence in the fields of its activities and the increase in jobs.
  • The positive evolution of the company turns it, in 1988, into a Public Limited Company (S.A.) while at the same time expanding its facilities by buying a neighboring plot of 4.430m2,in which it erects new buildings, where warehouses of raw materials and ready products are created, as well as sandblasting – paint shop.
  • It also enriches its mechanical equipment in order to meet the growing demands of the market.
  • The further improvement of the quality of its products produced, the increase in productivity and its modernisation in general, are pushing the company into the market for new modern machinery, implemented in 1998 with the addition of an automatic drilling cnc machine, a laminating cylinder, a metal cutting saw ribbon and a design and machine-fitting system. In 2005 a new investment is implemented with the expansion of buildings and machinery a pair of scissors and a stair.


MEK S.A. is a company with timeless experience in metal construction and machinery construction, while it is fully compliant with the requirements of modern technology and develops modern manufacturing methods for the following products
• Industrial buildings and offices.
Metal constructionwarehouses.
• Apartment buildings of metal construction or mixed.
• Cranes.
• Special production machines, conveyor belts, sieves.
• Industrial silo, tanks, cyclones, conductors, separators, heat exchangers.
• Machinery frames,marble-granite-stoneprocessing machines.
• Fans, lifts (stainless steels), ovens, paintcabins, rotating waste burning furnaces.
• Constructions for electrostatic filters, filters of paint systems.

The transformation of the company into MEK S.A. in 2004 was the result of a successful business route of MEK Ltd. which has been active in the field of metal construction since 1983.
This proves that the company marks an ever-increasing journey and combines staff with knowledge of object and creative evolution.
The human factor is one of the key keys to the company’s success, as it employs highly education and specialization workforce, which is 125 people.
The management of the company consists of 25 people, with remarkable scientific and technical training, while 100 people with technical training and timeless experience are employed in the production department.
In the capacity of the technical department the company employs 3 civil engineers, 3 mechanical engineers, 2 architects, 3 welding inspectors, 1 welding engineer and 3 computer engineers.
Important for the development of the company is the satisfaction of the requirements of its customers, proceeded to the certification and implementation of the European quality assurance system ISO 9001, as well as the purchase of a highly advanced STRUCAD program (AceCad Software Ltd), based on 3D design, automatic modeling and productivity of metal construction designs. Besides, the Technical Department employs Engineers with excellent knowledge of AutoCAD (Autodesk).
MEK S.A. with key features:
• The well-organized and equipped production line.
• The staffing of the Design, Production, Sales and Procurement departments with specialized engineers.
• Experienced and permanent construction workshops.
• The maximum technical support of customers, at all stages of work, even after its expiration.
• The well-informed Quality Control department.
has managed to ensure the quality of its products and the quality of the services it offers.




Athanasios Lemonias

President - General Manager

Athanasios Stergiou

Production manager

Michalis Parianos

Technical director


The continuation of the many years of presence of the above companies in the field of industrial subcontracting, the company under the New Name Roconi Construction continues in the field of metal constructions, Marble Machinery, Pyrolytic Clichés, as one of the most reliable, quality and productive companies.

Application Studies

TROCONI cooperates with well-staffed design departments, which use the STRUCAD, TEKLA and AUTOCADsoftware, which the company prepares the necessary application studies. Delivering excellent designs, TROCONI relieves the customer of a complex and time-consuming process, ensuring excellent results during final assembly.
In order to minimize the probability of error, TROCONI guarantees the correct importation of CAM files created through STRUCAD or TEKMA on the production lines.

Statitia Studies

Using sophisticated software such as STAAD, SOFISTIC, INSTANT and ROBOT, Trroconi conducts static studies aimed at tailor-made customer needs through cost-effective quality solutions.


Always tailor-made, TROCONI provides precision cutting services on CNC machines. These services include sawing, oxygen, plasma cutting and special cutting such as welding preparation.


Each produced item, plate or beam, is marked with a unique code number.


Each produced element, plate or beam, can have special etching lines to facilitate and accelerate assembly.


At TROCONI, the CNC beam drilling process is performed with a drill and the drill holes are punched or punched respectively. It is also possible to customize special beams and slabs such as milling and folding

Sandblasting – Primer

In a closed sand-blasting tunnel with a preheating chamber and a drying oven of 3m width, Sa 2.5 blasting is achieved and primer, epoxy or zinc priming is achieved.

Marble Machinery

The facilities and machinery of MEKMARM Ltd. are based on the principle of its good operation with excellent results, tested over a number of years (more than 50), with consistent technical support and customer respect.

Pyrolitic Furnaces

Rotary bed ovens are specifically designed to burn high humidity waste. Stirring of waste in the kiln is achieved by rotating the primary waste loading chamber.

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